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access your unified communications system from your mobile devices


ThinkingPhones for mobile opens full access to your business communication service right from native apps installed on your staff’s mobile devices. They can now make and receive phone calls, access the company directory, and send both SMS and instant text message directly from your corporate supplied phone number. It empowers your staff to conduct business from anywhere!


mobile-phoneWhether you know it or not, your staff’s business communication is happening outside of your view and control with the proliferation of personal devices in the enterprise. ThinkingPhones’ mobile solution not only provides you visibility to this communication activity, but also empowers you to trigger new business process and workflows to operate more efficiently.

From contextual intelligence with ThinkingPhones Contactive to deep integrations with other enterprise cloud applications like Salesforce, your ThinkingPhones service will transform your business phone service to a living, thinking part of your overall strategy.


laptopAvailable for Mac or PC, our enterprise mobility solutions extend your communication systems onto employees’ laptops. This further eliminates the need to equip your remote workforce with expensive hardware. Just install the applications, log in, and you’re ready to go!


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A Complete Business Messaging Platform on Your Mobile Device

Install The App & Login, It’s Just That Easy!

Getting started is incredibly simple and does not require expensive staff or time-consuming provisioning. Simply instruct your staff to install the ThinkingPhones mobile app from either the Apple iTunes or Google Play marketplaces and then login. That’s it.

ThinkingPhones for mobile connects directly to your cloud communication platform and enables all of the features you expect on your desktop phone plus a whole range of modern messaging services your staff will demand.

What About Laptops?

This is just as easy. A link to install the PC or MAC version of ThinkingPhones is available from within each of your staff member’s ThinkingPhones portals. Once installed, your users simply open the app and login.


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Make and Recieve Calls From Your Business Phone Number


With ThinkingPhones’ mobile solution, a single phone number connects users with colleagues, customers, and partners. Outbound calls are routed through our IP PBX application. This allows called parties to see a single business phone number, thereby eliminating use of a personal cell phone number to complete business calls.


  • Native iOS and Android smartphone apps
  • Full business phone and voice support including call send and recieving, call forwarding, call transfer, voice mail and more
  • Access to company directory with full presence indication
  • Both instant messaging and SMS text messaging from your business phone number
  • Improved management visibility into mobile workforce activities, processes, and effectiveness via the integrated analytics application
  • Seamless connectivity between fixed Wi-Fi/wireless communications networks (FMC)


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Instant Messaging & SMS Text Messaging From Your Business Phone Number


Your employees’ primary devices are more likely to be their own mobile phones than anything else, and without the need to purchase expensive hardware for all of your employees, your CFO will love you, too.

Let one of our representatives show you how ThinkingPhones can enhance your mobile strategy.


  • It felt like a career-ending event to put phones in the cloud and have it not work. But working with ThinkingPhones turned out to be a home run I never planned on hitting.

    Jason Kasch, STRUCTURAL

  • ThinkingPhones' ability to integrate with existing mission critical business applications and deliver analytics that can be used to measure organizational performance is unique in the space.

    Jeff Cohen, Cynergy

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Access from any device, anywhere

Break the chains from your desk. Access all of your communication services from our smartphone client for PC or Mac, or install our mobile app for Apple iOS or Google Android.