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intelligent communications in the cloud

The widespread adoption of mobile devices at home and in the enterprise is fundamentally transforming the way we communicate and conduct business. Your workforce and customers are as likely to communicate through text, images, and video as they are through voice alone. Meanwhile, much of this communication activity is happening through your staff’s personal devices, virtually disappearing from your view and control. The problem is that the world has changed, but yesterday’s simplistic phone systems and the voice-centric service providers that supply them have not.

We believe that a shift is occurring in business that facilitates a new way of thinking about how you and your customers connect. This new future is completely mobile and dynamic based on the context and location of each interaction.


Our mission is to make your communication systems work for you and provide apps that both you and your staff will love. We seamlessly unify all of your business voice, text, and conferencing services on a single award-winning cloud platform, connect them to your other cloud applications, and then deliver intelligent, mobile-ready apps to your staff and customers.

Your old business phone service is a relic of the past, and ThinkingPhones is here to bring it into the modern cloud era.


Our management teamboard, and investors are all entrepreneurs with a proven track record of successfully anticipating market trends supporting the needs of enterprise organizations in a broad array of industries. We are the only UCaaS service provider whose heritage is as much about managed software development and hosted delivery as it is about a single communications mode. This background makes us uniquely suited to delivering solutions to companies looking to solve the evolving collaboration challenges inherent in the increasingly mobile and social ways people get work done.


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The ThinkingPhones platform delivers much more value than just a PBX replacement solution. Its ability to integrate seamlessly with existing mission critical business applications and deliver analytics that can be used to measure organizational performance is unique in the space. ThinkingPhones is leading the UCaaS discussion in the enterprise market segment.

Jeff Cohen Founder, Cynergy